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How To Pay

Step-By-Step Approach

Register with “A VALID EMAIL ADDRESS”:

The first thing you need to do is to register your profile on the website by clicking on the “Register Link” located in the head section of the website pages. Fill out the form.

Login into your account after registering and proceed.

Pay via Pay-stack

1. Choose “A Package”
2. Select and click continue
3. Enter your registered email address, Card number, MONTH & DATE OF EXPIRY, AND CVV (3-digit number located behind your card)
4. Insert your 4-digit PIN
5. Click “PAY” to make a payment
6. A Payment Response stating the details of the transaction is then received, indicating the successful payment
7. After making a successful payment, you will be redirected back to the website and your account will be automatically upgraded.

Q: How guaranteed are your games?

Answer: We have a team of top notched well researched/informed experts that score up to 95% in their accuracy rate. You are guaranteed of making substantial profits.

Q: How do I get these daily games sent to me?

Answer: We post games on our platform (, you need to log in to the website using your email and password to view games.