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1. By viewing or using Predictions and Betting tips on Brilliantpredict.com or any of our affiliate sites, pages, accounts and/or signing up on the website, you agree to be bound by and to comply with

(i) these Terms and Conditions;
(ii) our Privacy Policy;
(iii) our Cookies Policy and
(iv) the Rules applicable to our betting or gaming products.

Please read the Terms carefully and if you do not accept the Terms, do not use the Website. The Terms shall apply to all Brilliantpredict.com sites and affiliate accounts( Brilliant Predict Telegram and Whatsapp accounts respectively).

2. There would be the need to change the Terms and our conditions from time to time for a number of reasons (including complying with applicable laws and regulations, and regulatory requirements as well as we deem fit in order to satisfy our users). As changes would be made, you are therefore advised to review the Terms on a regular basis. All major updates on the Terms and conditions and their dates of effect would be posted on the site. Should you have any issues or should any change made be unacceptable, please you are thereby advised to close your account with us and desist to play by our picks and predictions. However signing up to Brilliantpredict.com as well as playing by our picks indicate an agreement with our Terms and Conditions and our policies.

3. Please note that references used such as “you”, “your” or the “user” refers to any person using the website or the services of Brilliantpredict.com and/or any of our affiliate sites as well as all signed up persons while “we” “our” and “Brilliantpredict.com” refers to Brilliant Predict and its management.

4. Please beware that right and access to Brilliantpredict.com as well as all our affiliates may be illegal in certain countries. You are therefore responsible for determining whether your access and use of the Website is not prohibited and is compliant with applicable laws, regulations and abiding policies in your jurisdiction.

5. Brilliant Predict is committed to providing excellent user service. By providing excellent service we ensure that we give a reasonable guarantee on our predictions and ensure that risks are reduced to their lowest minimum. As part of our commitment, Brilliant Predict is committed to supporting responsible gambling. We advise that all users are 18+. Although Brilliant Predict will use its reasonable endeavours to enforce its responsible gambling policies. We refuse to accept any responsibility or liability if any user uses Brilliantpredict.com or its affiliate site with the intention of deliberately avoiding the relevant measures, laws, policies and regulations in place.



1. All users should be over 18+ years to sign in with Professionalpredict

Professionalpredict reserves the right to ask for proof of age from any user and suspend their account till satisfactory documentation is provided. Professionalpredict takes its responsibilities in respect of below age and accountable gambling very seriously.

2. Will make sure a user’s account by posting email verification to the user. Users solely get correspondence when email verifications are confirmed. Please note that Professionalpredict doesn’t request for users info on the verifications of accounts. NOTE: we have a tendency to solely create requests for such info to verify subscription payments on our Weekly, jackpot and Gold arrange packages

3. By accepting the Terms and signing up to use our Predictions you hereby agree that we shall be entitled to conduct identification, credit and verification checks periodically that are needed by applicable laws and regulations and relevant restrictive authorities to be used of the web site and our Services usually. Conjointly by signing up you comply with offer all such info as we have a tendency to need in reference to such verification checks. We have a tendency to suspend or limit accounts of users in any manner that violates our laid down policies, till the relevant checks are completed to our satisfaction.

4. Users could open only 1 account. Info accessed by you on the website (including results, predictions, and odds) is for your personal use solely and therefore the distribution or industrial exploitation of such info is strictly prohibited. ought to we have a tendency to determine any user with over one account or users reposting and sharing exclusive info expressly, we have a tendency to reserve the proper to treat any such accounts as one joint account or expressly delete such accounts wherever necessary.


1. By signing up, users have entrusted us with their emails and subscription details, we tend to square measure so indebted to guard the data of our users.


Accumulations and picks

1. We are therefore not responsible for failing outcomes of matches as all predictions and match analysis finish before the match is played and final outcomes are decided on the pitch. Info on the site shouldn’t be relied upon fully once putting bets and making picks. Bets are ultimately made at users own risk and discretion.

2. We tend to also are not liable for users’ individual discretionary accumulations as we offer accumulations in our daily mails, sure 2 and sure 5 classes and take the risk.


1. We reserve the right to alter or once any info on this website without your prior notice. Past glorious results isn’t a guarantee for future glorious winnings.
2. Professionalpredict actively monitors traffic to and from the website. Professionalpredict reserves the right in its sole discretion to block access wherever proof indicative of automated, robotic or programmed activities are found.

3. Professionalpredict reserves the right to limit access to all or any or bound elements of the website at its discretion

4. Professionalpredict could alter or amend the products offered via the website at any time and for any reason.

5. From time to time, all or a part of the website could also be inaccessible to be used by you because of our maintenance of the website and alteration or change of any of the website classes. We’ll make sure that correct notice is given before the inconvenience of such parts.

6. We don’t make refunds of money after payment been paid to our any official account provided.

7.In gambling, the terms SURE GAME is NOT certainty, neither is it an absolute guarantee that a chosen outcome will be true. In football games, anything can happen.

8.You will not get all available games in the ranges stated due it’s cost.

9. We provide 100% predicted betting outcomes and NOT fixed games, therefore our success in today games doesn’t guarantee tomorrow’s winnings.

10. You agree that betting is not financial dependency, therefore not to take any legal action again Professionalpredict ENTERPRISES or it’s staff if eventually our tips fails.

11. Kindly note you might win or not  at your entire staying. This is predictions not fixed. Results says it’s self after 90 minutes.

12. Professionalpredict ENTERPRISES will never tell you or ask you to borrow or steal money for gamble. As long as gambling is concern, bet with your spare money. Bet Responsibly!


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